DramaFever vs Viki 2018 (or both?)

Hello this just so happens to be my first blog post. I thought as a great introduction I discuss two great platforms people commonly use to watch k-dramas on. A lot of people new to the journey have trouble on what app to download. I’m here to help depending on your needs and desires to choose the best platform.


Drama Fever Subscription Price 

  • 4.99 monthly for no ads, casting to TV, HD quality and premium movies/TV shows. Upgrade even further to
  • 49.99 annually for everything above plus offline viewing, voting for upcoming shows and invites to exclusive events (last two things I personally don’t care for)

Notable Dramafever Exclusives Available to Stream

Goblin: The lonely and Great God, Longing Heart and My Secret Romance

DramaFever Free Account

Watching shows with ads that you can not skip. Depending on the show you choose to watch you may have to wait a week or so to watch a newly aired episode. You still have a wide selection between Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese and Japanese shows. If you don’t mind the ads watching older completed shows are best.

Meanwhile in Viki land..


Viki Subscription price 

  • 4.99 monthly for no ads, casting to TV, first access to viki exclusives movies and dramas, HD quality ( option to pay for full year of 49.99)
  • 9.99 monthly for everything above plus hundreds of additional hours of Korean entertainment from broadcaster Kocowa..(yeah that’s it! for a beginner not worth it)

If you notice the prices are the same it comes down to who updates with new dramas first and if you like viki exclusives over dramafever’s. 

Notable Viki Exclusives available to stream

W, Spark and While You Was Sleeping

Viki Free Account

Watching with ads but skips are available. User based comments during the show (can be toggled off) is what makes viki popular. (and why I love it) Sometimes you want to know you not the only one who feels the dreaded second lead syndrome for the hot oppa. Anyway, episodes get subbed pretty quickly and best if you don’t like waiting long for new episodes to be viewed for free. Mobile app runs a tad faster than dramafever. Be wary however that many viewers claimed that sometimes viki subs aren’t accurate.

Hopefully this blog helps newbies or vets compare which platform/app is best to use to watch our favorite Korean Dramas. As a mention Netflix and Hulu Plus also have a k drama section but it is mostly mainstream titles and way less selection than the two above.

What do you use to watch your favorite dramas ?





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