Flower Boy Next Door Review

When writing this review I have currently watched this drama two times. I discovered this drama funnily enough by coming across another drama titled Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (more on this later) which I enjoyed and wanted more. Flower Boy in Korean dramas refer to attractive males with slightly feminine traits. They are usually very caring and are like the guy next door who is cute and helpful to the female. To sum up the drama  our female lead is a shy and very quiet girl who spends her day people watching from the inside of her apartment. She rarely goes out or have any physical interaction with another human being. She spies on the handsome “flower boy” across the street total old school style. With Binoculars!!! One day when looking into his window she finds someone different in his place. Enters male lead who is outgoing and the total opposite of female lead. Throughout the drama he pushes our female out of her shell with the help of her other neighbors.


I relate to the female lead in many ways. Though I am not the total hermit she is I am an introvert. Park Shin-hye plays the female lead named Go Dok-mi. She plays this role extremely well with her facial expressions on point……giphy

Enters the lovable and at first annoying male lead Enrique who is a video game developer who is in love with his best friend who of course doesn’t love him back. (his soul mate is female lead duh!) His best friend is in love with his older cousin who coincidentally is the hot doctor who lives across from Go Dok-mi. Now if you are reading this and you are debating whether you want to watch this kdrama look at this face and smile Yoon Shi-yoon serves as Enrique.                      giphy1 (sigh)

Now I will comment some on the second lead who I personally didn’t get the syndrome for. Webtoonist Oh Jin-rak who actually does live next door to Dok-mi is very shy towards his crush. He observed the female lead for some time noticing that she doesn’t speak or go out much. Unlike Enrique he never got the nerve to take the first step to push her out the comfort zone. Instead he leaves her a carton of milk with a post it with a drawing outside her door every day. (cue my eye roll) Sadly, he never made moves until Enrique pushed in on working on taking Dok-mi out of recluse.

So many hot guys started to appear in our quiet female lead life many times during watching I wished I was her. (Here are some funny acts from a few of our flower boys) giphy2

This show which I admit started to drag in the last couple of episodes was very hilarious. The supporting cast was pretty good and added a lot of twists to not make the plot boring. Even the “enemy” female from Dok-mi’s past wasn’t evil or bad at all. Just misunderstandings which is resolved pretty quickly.

Best part of this drama is the lack of fillers. One thing I dislike greatly in TV shows in general is random subplots that have nothing to do with the story at all!

This show caters to a VERY young audience keep that in mind. It’s not overly dramatic with heavy issues for example no one falls into a coma or is dying. The entire drama is silly and lighthearted. The soundtrack was cute but nothing too memorable. It’s a good drama to watch when you get hit with too many feels in your last one and tired of crying every episode.

8 out of 10

If you watched this before is their anything you agree/ disagree with ? If you haven’t seen this have this review stopped you from wanting to watch or made you want to check it out?



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