Popular K-Dramas I Couldn’t Finish

So you are sitting or standing in a room when you get a cool message from a friend about this really cool Korean drama they just finished. Maybe they said its the best romance ever or oh those kisses are so hot. Or maybe the cool actor/actress in the last drama you seen stars in this as well. Whatever the reason you decide to try it out and realize you can’t make it past a certain amount of episodes.

For me the reason this happens is because I get bored very easily. If a drama is filled with way too many fillers with plot holes that drag on far too long for my liking…SKIP. Or maybe the drama with actors and chemistry so good but the writing itself is just trash and fails them…SKIP. Or maybe the writing is on point but I just hate the characters and don’t get behind the OTP….SKIP.  These reasons are why I couldn’t finish the dramas listed below. Read to find out which falls in these categories for me.

  • Reply 1988


I stopped after episode 1. I felt that it was way too long and dragged. So many different elements was introduced and though many people praise the entire reply series..I was over it. (shrugs) Maybe one day I attempt it but for now its a no for me.

  • Coffee Prince


Gender bending is not a favorite genre of mine in general. Coffee prince was suggested to me by a friend when I asked for a k-drama that actually had steamy kisses. Though I did make it to see at least one hot scene I just didn’t vibe well with the plot. People believe this is one of the most must see k-dramas so sorry to disappoint fans.

  • Mary stayed out all night/ Marry Me Mary


I don’t know where it went wrong with this drama for me. Was it the over the top cheesy way they handled the overly done plot? Or maybe the way I just grew stale and bored with it? Either way its a shame because this is the only drama I downloaded and loved the ENTIRE soundtrack for. So I guess they get points for that….also male lead Jang Keun-suk is hot (he also was in Love Rain)

  • She Was Pretty


This Korean drama actually shouldn’t be on this list but technically it counts. I loved this drama so much but only stopped watching during the last couple episodes because second lead syndrome was too strong. I adored Shin Hyuk so much that I was rooting for him and Hye Jin to just get together. My love for him turned into hate for the first lead and I had to stop watching. Will I finish and give this drama a proper review in the future? Definitely haha!

  • A Thousand Kisses


I dropped this willingly when I found out the leads doesn’t get together in the end. If I just spoiled that for you sorry (you’re welcome). This drama is 50 episodes long and from what I saw lacked the 1000 kisses the title claims.

Please keep in mind that these are my thoughts and opinions. Do not let this stop you from checking out any of these dramas. If you have already and enjoyed them comment below! I love to hear if anyone agrees or disagrees. 




8 thoughts on “Popular K-Dramas I Couldn’t Finish

  1. Yikes! I didnt know that about A thousand Kisses. It really has one of those endings? Im glad I dropped it early then. The plot was too slow for my tastes.

    I can see why you dropped the othesr too. The only one I disagree with is Coffee Prince. What I liked most about that one was how the guy ultimately falls for the girl for her character.

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  2. I hate you for putting She Was Pretty in the list 😂😂😂 Yeah, it’s too bad Siwon and Jung Eum didn’t end up together. If you will finish the drama, you won’t feel too bad for Siwon. The ending is just soooo sweet 😍😍😍 One of my favorite dramas with my two favorite male actors 😍

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