You Drive Me Crazy Episode 1

I needed a new drama to watch and wanted to see something that came out recently. I booted up my faithful viki app and scrolled down some listings and stopped on You Drive Me Crazy I said why not its only four episodes long lets see if I like it.

Warning: Spoilers beyond this point

Intro : Mysterious woman walking covering face in a hooded jacket. Meanwhile a male wearing headphones is sharpening a pencil point that is super long. Funnily enough when the women finally reaches the male his point breaks and the space turns into a comfortable one filled with laughter. Hooked already?  Yes I am!

pen long

Meet female lead Han Eun-Sung (played by Lee Yoo-Young)  who is not glamorous. She looks like your average relatable natural beauty. Her style is a bit of a plain-jane but I appreciate that she doesn’t look like a model. Sometimes its refreshing to see someone who represents the average girl on TV. Not to mention our male lead Kim Rae-Wan played by Kim Sun-Ho is shown to be your everyday average guy as well.


Anyway onto the plot….so her house is flooded and she decides to invite herself into his home late at night. Apparently she does this regularly as Rae-Wan brings up a time she stayed with him for half a month last summer. 😉 Their interactions while speaking to one another is almost like a brother and sister. Its cute and almost no awkwardness present.

Screenshot 2018-07-25 at 8.45.54 PM

Cue the next scene where Han Eun-Sung is at work speaking with a friend who drops the bomb that our leads already slept together once before. Further, revealed it happened two months ago and that they haven’t spoken until last night since then. Turns out Eun-Sung also has a really cool job as a French interpreter. Today she is translating for a male who is giving a tasting to a group of wine testers who speak Korean. Hilarious and relatable scene happens when a guy starts comparing the wine to a famous art piece and begin using words that are hard to translate into french. Our lead looks like she was  about to pass out when everyone looked at her while waiting for her to translate.

Next scene we get to see what male lead does throughout his day. He is a well-known painter who takes his craft very seriously but somehow came into a slump. Rae-Wan is shown sitting in front of a blank canvas not knowing what to do. He then decides to go to a bar owned by a friend. This same friend also knows about him and Eun-Sung having sex two months ago as well. News spread fast in their friend circles…

Cute pet checked off the list for this drama ✓

pet with female lead

So far it is only hinted that our leads knew each other for many years prior. While sipping on beers in the living room it is revealed both are sick of dating and then make a toast to be friends forever. Eun-Sung then begins to list all of Rae-Wan’s  past girlfriends and come to the realization he is a player. She then asks the question we all want to know “Did you sleep with all of them?”

Somehow conversation switches over to Eun-Sung ex boyfriend that she dated for many years. First sign of jealousy happens here when Rae-Wan threatens to leave the room if she keeps speaking about her ex. Cute alert!!!

come sit

So far female lead can be self-centered and over the top. seen when male says he have his own work to do and she continues to grab hold of him because she is scared of a movie she have to see for work the next day. Otherwise scene is adorable especially last bit.

Last scene Rae-Wan is shown applying makeup (eyeliner) to female lead before her day for work. If she doesn’t fall in love with him right now I take him!! You can definitely feel something in the air because on the ride to work Eun-Sung shares she was just staring at his lips.

Final thoughts on episode: Interested in seeing where this goes and currently hooked. In love with male lead already even if he was a player in the past. I also like how realistic it was when she came over and said she needed to move in for a bit and he wasn’t just like “Sure, Okay” like in other dramas I watched. Can’t wait to check out the next episode !

Have you watched this drama or are interested in seeing it? If you haven’t heard of this before now does this recap/review make you want to? Also comment if you seen other works these leads been in I want to see more of them!

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