You Drive Me Crazy Episode 2

Time to watch, recap and review episode 2. These quick 30 minute episodes are prefect if you don’t like long hour episodes and love short dramas. Moving along….

Warning: Spoilers beyond this point

Intro: Kim Rae-Wan is speaking to hot girl who works at his friend’s bar. He makes her laugh and asks her out for a date. I kinda like this girl currently because she’s playing hard to get extremely well. Scene then goes to him finally painting something on the canvas before feeling defeated and giving up again.


oh wow Rae-Wan built our little guy a house 🙂

Han Eun-Sung comes home from work and they share stories over dinner in the past. Revealed that Eun-Sung loves to drink and vomit + poop in his toilet many times. Fun fact alert! This leads to her believing Rae-Wan does not think of her as a woman and asked if he had something to say during the last two months. He quickly replies “No” and then so does she. They need way better communication skills on their relationship dynamics.

They then proceed to go apricot picking…random scene check ✓

A few blocks from the house is a apricot tree. After all their efforts only one falls down and breaks. Which inspires Eun-Sung to sing and dance. crazy dancing

Rae-Wan suggests buying some from a store but our girl is so stubborn she insists on a freshly picked one. When coming back down from climbing their faces are so close she kisses him. He then grabs her and kiss back. yessssss first kiss everyone. Its happening!!


But then its ruined when he yells “No we cant do this again” which ends with her kicking him. They begin to bicker on the way back with Eun-Sung asking, “Are you embarrassed for sleeping with me?”. He falls down to the ground in a childlike way saying “we were supposed to take that to the grave” . Both leads are being over dramatic in this scene.

fall out

“Friends don’t sleep together ” is heard when a new character gets introduced in the show. Enters a handsome male singer named Yoon Hee-Nam who is a friend of Rae-Wan.



Hee-Nam asks about Eun-Sung and smoothly gets her number while our male lead watches in awe. I smell jealousy and welcome this second lead with open arms.

 Scene changes and we are blessed to see what exactly DID happen 2 months ago. Our leads are both drunk watching TV on his sofa.  Eun-Sung is crying because today her ex boyfriend gotten married, which also happens to be her birthday. Yeah that’s a hard cookie to swallow and I don’t blame her crying. What quickly ruins the moment for me is her becoming a drunken crying mess and starting to roll on the floor. Just reminding me of how annoying the female lead was in the first episode. Action begins when she start to climb on Rae-Wan. She continues until he finally reciprocates.


Wow a Korean drama that actually shows them under the covers the following morning naked is rare. Show ends during breakfast when Eun-Sung immediately interrupts him stating she doesn’t remember much and wants to not talk about it again.

nothing jappened

Final thoughts on episode: Well its nice to finally know what happened two months ago. I  didn’t picture the way it happened at all. Not expecting our female lead to be the one who initiate the act and then shutting down and dismissing it the next day. Which is then repeated in present time with the kiss at the apricot tree. I feel for our male lead greatly. I also like the introduction of a possible love interest for our girl to further open our male lead eyes. I look forward to seeing how his character plays out.

Is anyone else bothered by Han Eun-Sung’s character? Are you shocked that the writers actually showed us what happened two months ago? Any thoughts you have on the show drop a comment down and share.



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