REtro Futurism EP- Triple H

Triple H is a killer Korean Pop trio of HyunA (from disbanded 4minute), Hui and E’Dawn (from band Pentagon). Formed in 2017 this sub unit gives major “too sexy for my pants too sexy for my shirt” vibes. They released their comeback mini-album July 18th, 2018 titled REtro Futurism. This is to follow-up their 2017 mini-album 199X with hit single 365 Fresh.

Screenshot 2018-07-30 at 7.35.21 PM

I chose to showcase Triple H new album first as part of my newly added kpop section because I been following HyunA for years. She is one of my top two favorite female solo artists so of course when she formed Triple H I had to listen. Now I was very unfamiliar with Pentagon songs until this sub unit formed so I am very grateful for that. Since I love HyunA so much I will have a post dedicated to her solo hits in the future but for now lets talk about REtro Futurism.


Official Track Listing

  1. “Feeling” (느낌) Length 3:29
  2. “Retro Future” Length 3:15
  3. “Show ME” Length 3:54
  4. “Retro Future” (inst.) 3:15
  • Track 1: Feeling

Great opening beat, already getting the retro feel. Makes you want to dance. All of their voices sound amazing together. “Feel it” is heard throughout the track and yes I definitely feel it. Though it may become repetitive, the catchy tune have you dancing anyway.  Prefect party tune and I hope a M/V comes out for it. Notable lines “I rock the party”.

  • Track 2: Show Me

Reminding me of Bruno mars finesse in the beginning Show Me is my favorite track on the album. E’ Dawn verses is the highlight of this song for me. His voice so deep and his English lines just make me melt. The chorus is very catchy as well with Hui showing his vocal skills. Also loving the hip hop influences present. Notable lines “Close my eyes. Don’t kill my vibe”.

  • Track 3: Retro Future

More hip hop influences in this song as well. Also reminds me of a funky disco beat. HyunA also sounds very nasal in this track which somehow for me works with the futurism theme. Notable lines: ” I got a sexy vibe and AH Ah Ah”.

  • Retro Future M/V

So it appears our favorite three members are at a party and all looking incredibly hot.  Notable mention that the party was looking very boring until these three ringed the door bell. The outfits worn and various changes fit the song. There is a lot happening in this video from silly dancing to toy cars. From random flower eating to the huge amounts of lace. From submerging a body in water to using the toilet. Nothing is off-limits here and the range varies. Throughout the song is lots of moaning and they play on the sexual nature in the music video by jumping on beds, lots of embracing and teasing sucking on lollipops. The video as a whole makes you wish you were cool enough to be HyunA, Hui and E’Dawn’s best friends.

triple h kpop bed

Overall more people need to wake up and get on the Triple H train. In my opinion this group is very underrated and many Korean Pop fans are missing out on some great bops. All three tracks (not counting the fourth which is just the instrumental of retro future) are songs I would play over and over again.


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