New Kids: Continue EP- iKon

iKon dropped their 2018 comeback mini album on August 2nd. After releasing a full album earlier this year titled Return they decided to drop more tracks for us to finish the trilogy. First part was New Kids: Begin dropped May 2017, then came album Return dropped January 2018 and now finally the end. In case your unfamiliar with this band they formed back in 2015 with seven members. B.I., Bobby, Jinhwan, June, Yunhyeong, Donghyuk and Chanwoo. This group has a huge influence in hip hop as well making me look forward to New Kids: Continue.


Official Track Listing

  1. “Killing Me” Length 3:13
  2. “Freedom” Length 3:21
  3. “Only You” Length 3:32
  4. “Cocktail” Length 3:46
  5. “Just For You” Length 3:21
  • Track 1: Killing Me

This is the single released with a music video about a love gone wrong. Honestly when I first heard it I was not a fan. It took about three more listens for me to get it. It becomes very catchy and I found my body moving and singing along. I will always love a good dance techno beat.

  • Track 2: Freedom

A lot of fans have stated this and I will state it again. This would be a perfect anime opening. iKon touching into their rock side with this track. Proving that they can do any genre if they wanted to and kill it in the process. Great opening guitar riff and it was made to get you hyped. Bobby’s verse stands out to me the most and this may be my favorite. I will definitely add this to my workout playlist. Notable lines “You don’t understand…”

  • Track 3: Only You

Starts off softer than the previous two tracks. This is your basic love song of being young and wanting to be with your partner forever. Prefect for the summer! June’s lines with the chorus is my favorite part.  Notable lines “Wanna be with you only you only you”

  • Track 4: Cocktail

Another good summer track this one about girls, being on a beach, partying and of course cocktails. Nothing much to say about this since it lacks depth. It’s just your go to happy, I don’t care about nothing song. Tempo switches towards the end with Song’s verse. I enjoyed that slow leading back to the fast pace chorus. Very nice transition.  Notable lines ” Would you like something to drink?”

  • Track 5: Just for You

Bobby singing is always a plus for me and his voice on this was amazing. This one is a ballad love song. I could feel the emotion through each person vocals. June had my attention as well. The softness of his and everyone else voices just will melt your heart. I could see myself listening to this all day crying my heart out. This really moved me and a great end to the EP.  Notable lines: All of them. Check this song out ASAP if you haven’t.

Now I couldn’t end this without also reviewing the music video for Killing Me. As I’m writing this its my first time watching the video so maybe it change my mind toward the song as a whole. I won’t say I hate it its just my least favorite on the EP.

  • Killing Me M/V

Music video’s opening scene with a chair on fire and motorbikes. Choreography was decent.  They didn’t have everyone doing the same thing at certain parts which was a intersting element. Our guys dancing in what appears to be a warehouse which switches between a bedroom and a random room with chandeliers kept you excited and not bored with the video. The end where they all lying down with the camera view above their bodies was cool (also done before by them). Was their a story told in this m/v ? No. Was the dancing the best I ever seen? No. But did everyone look hot? Yes.


Did you enjoy the New Kids: Continue EP? What was your favorite track? Also am I the only one who dislike their single Killing Me ?




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