You Drive Me Crazy Episode 2

Time to watch, recap and review episode 2. These quick 30 minute episodes are prefect if you don't like long hour episodes and love short dramas. Moving along.... Warning: Spoilers beyond this point Intro: Kim Rae-Wan is speaking to hot girl who works at his friend's bar. He makes her laugh and asks her out … Continue reading You Drive Me Crazy Episode 2


You Drive Me Crazy Episode 1

I needed a new drama to watch and wanted to see something that came out recently. I booted up my faithful viki app and scrolled down some listings and stopped on You Drive Me Crazy I said why not its only four episodes long lets see if I like it. Warning: Spoilers beyond this point … Continue reading You Drive Me Crazy Episode 1

Popular K-Dramas I Couldn’t Finish

So you are sitting or standing in a room when you get a cool message from a friend about this really cool Korean drama they just finished. Maybe they said its the best romance ever or oh those kisses are so hot. Or maybe the cool actor/actress in the last drama you seen stars in … Continue reading Popular K-Dramas I Couldn’t Finish

Flower Boy Next Door Review

When writing this review I have currently watched this drama two times. I discovered this drama funnily enough by coming across another drama titled Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (more on this later) which I enjoyed and wanted more. Flower Boy in Korean dramas refer to attractive males with slightly feminine traits. They are usually very … Continue reading Flower Boy Next Door Review

DramaFever vs Viki 2018 (or both?)

Hello this just so happens to be my first blog post. I thought as a great introduction I discuss two great platforms people commonly use to watch k-dramas on. A lot of people new to the journey have trouble on what app to download. I'm here to help depending on your needs and desires to … Continue reading DramaFever vs Viki 2018 (or both?)